What to do with this blog?

I have been pondering what to do with this blog? Most of my writing is done on technology, and I usually put articles on a various sites like www.cometdaily.com and www.json.com. However, there are some writings that simply don’t fit into the categories of Comet and JSON. Originally, I was intending to reserve this blog for family and spirituality content, but I think for now at least, I think I will use this as a place to talk about technology as well. I guess I tend to think of life as more of integrated continuum of spirituality, family, work, and play and not segregated areas. If you don’t like that let me know, and maybe I will reconsider.


6 Responses to “What to do with this blog?”

  1. inwandaft Says:

    Depending on our cindy crawford sex clips of course.

  2. inwandaft Says:

    I’ll mew you later. I piqued the pubis out of my length and pulled my corridors up. Tic and Tac simulated her ecstatically gently.

  3. Kari Says:

    Ummm … you might want to check out the other 2 comments on here. Maybe you, Mr. Computer-Smart-Genius can get a spam filter for those comments, eh? 🙂

    ANyway, in response to your question–I like the idea of the spirituality/work/journeys continuum. You know me, no sacred/secular duality here! I’ll read whatever you write!

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